Thursday, 21 July 2011

Ador Car Appeal

Target 1000
We all know how expensive taxis can be, and this means that every time Ador visit the shelter to feed or rescue a dog the extra expense is eating into much needed funds. So they are looking for help in raising some dosh to buy a little run around. Long term they will be raising money for a larger transit van, more room for food, more room for dogs.  But for now, the emergency is to get these guys some wheels that will enable them to deliver the dogs food and rescue the dogs from the shelter.

Click here to help get these guys some wheels - All donations recieved for the car appeal will be added below.

How to Donate to Ador

1 - Log into your paypal account
2 - Choose send Money Tab
3 - Enter the email
4 - Choose the amount you wish to donate and the currency
5 - Click the personal tab and choose gift option
6 - Then hit continue
7 - In the message box (subject area) enter your gift is for Food,General,Car,Adoption,Sponsorship then add your message in the message box.
8 - Then click send....Thats it, easy peasy.

1 - melde dich an deinem Paypal Konto an
2- wähle den 'Geld senden' Tabulator aus
3- füge die Emailadresse ein
...4 - trage den gewünschten Betrag ein und wähle die Währung aus
5 - wähle 'Andere Waren' als Grund
6 - klicke auf Weiter
7 - trage in der Mitteilungsbox 'Ihre Nachricht' ein für was du spendest (Futter, Allgemein, Auto, Adoption und trage bitte ggf. zusätzlich deine Adresse ein)
8 - dann klicke auf 'Geld senden' ... fertig

Food Appeal - Buy a dog a bag for just 7 Euros.


For just over 7 Euros you could buy a bag of food enough to feed approx  40 dogs for a day.

Ador are in urgent need for food to feed the animals at the horrific Botosani Shelter (we know how bad it is there, we have seen it with our own eyes) and to feed the strays they have rescued from there and the streets of Botosani.
As we have said Ador are really up against it, and could do with your help. For just over 7 Euros you could help feed approx 40 dogs for a day...So come on guys, for one night forget the bottle of wine,and donate that amount to Ador...Trust me, you will feel a whole lot better for it than you would that wine.

Click here to find out how to give yourself the FeelGood Factor and donate your 7 euros to feed those 40 dogs.

Sponsorship Appeal

As well as adoption what is urgently needed are sponsors for the strays of Botosani. You dont have to adopt a dog for you to help set a dog free to then be cared for by Ador until it is adopted.

This is how it works in Botosani. Because Ador have not got a shelter of their own, they have to pay a fee for each dog they wish to get released. This varies if the dog is a female or male. After that food,treatment and care have to be paid for and like anything in this world,this dont come cheap.

For a suggested donation of just 30€ this would be enough for Ador to buy the release of a dog and to feed it for a week, or to pay towards urgent treatment of a dog in their care rescued from that horrific shelter.

So become an Ador Sponsor today, donate just 30€ and your name will be added to Ador Sponsors wall of fame that will be created below this post. 

Please click here to read instructions of how to donate, and how to become an Ador Sponsor and make a very real difference to the life of a dog today.

Romania Animal Aid and Ador

As you guys know, last week the Romania Animal Aid team were in Romania, and whilst we were there we dropped in on Ador. I am sure you are all aware of the horrific massacre these guys had to deal with, alongside a mayor who is, lets just say, not too keen on CNR programmes.

Whilst we were there it has to be said, that it was obvious these guys are really up against it. So we offered to help them in any way that we can. In this case, it is setting up a blog and various appeals so that they can get the donations they desperately need to continue their amazing work in Botosani and the dogs at that wretched shelter. ( Our footage we took will be uploaded shortly)

So anyway guys,thought we would let you know why suddenly this blog has appeared, and to urge you to please support these guys as much as you can. The conditions and situation they have to deal with is as far form the UK as you possible could dig deep and give what you can...Please check out Sponsorships and Adoptions of Botosani dogs within this blog. Even if you have not got room in your home for a Botosani stray, your support could still get a dog released from the hell hole they call a public shelter and into the fostering arms of Ador who then can look after the doggy until a permanent home becomes available.