Thursday, 21 July 2011

Food Appeal - Buy a dog a bag for just 7 Euros.


For just over 7 Euros you could buy a bag of food enough to feed approx  40 dogs for a day.

Ador are in urgent need for food to feed the animals at the horrific Botosani Shelter (we know how bad it is there, we have seen it with our own eyes) and to feed the strays they have rescued from there and the streets of Botosani.
As we have said Ador are really up against it, and could do with your help. For just over 7 Euros you could help feed approx 40 dogs for a day...So come on guys, for one night forget the bottle of wine,and donate that amount to Ador...Trust me, you will feel a whole lot better for it than you would that wine.

Click here to find out how to give yourself the FeelGood Factor and donate your 7 euros to feed those 40 dogs.

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