Thursday, 21 July 2011

Sponsorship Appeal

As well as adoption what is urgently needed are sponsors for the strays of Botosani. You dont have to adopt a dog for you to help set a dog free to then be cared for by Ador until it is adopted.

This is how it works in Botosani. Because Ador have not got a shelter of their own, they have to pay a fee for each dog they wish to get released. This varies if the dog is a female or male. After that food,treatment and care have to be paid for and like anything in this world,this dont come cheap.

For a suggested donation of just 30€ this would be enough for Ador to buy the release of a dog and to feed it for a week, or to pay towards urgent treatment of a dog in their care rescued from that horrific shelter.

So become an Ador Sponsor today, donate just 30€ and your name will be added to Ador Sponsors wall of fame that will be created below this post. 

Please click here to read instructions of how to donate, and how to become an Ador Sponsor and make a very real difference to the life of a dog today.

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