Thursday, 21 July 2011

Romania Animal Aid and Ador

As you guys know, last week the Romania Animal Aid team were in Romania, and whilst we were there we dropped in on Ador. I am sure you are all aware of the horrific massacre these guys had to deal with, alongside a mayor who is, lets just say, not too keen on CNR programmes.

Whilst we were there it has to be said, that it was obvious these guys are really up against it. So we offered to help them in any way that we can. In this case, it is setting up a blog and various appeals so that they can get the donations they desperately need to continue their amazing work in Botosani and the dogs at that wretched shelter. ( Our footage we took will be uploaded shortly)

So anyway guys,thought we would let you know why suddenly this blog has appeared, and to urge you to please support these guys as much as you can. The conditions and situation they have to deal with is as far form the UK as you possible could dig deep and give what you can...Please check out Sponsorships and Adoptions of Botosani dogs within this blog. Even if you have not got room in your home for a Botosani stray, your support could still get a dog released from the hell hole they call a public shelter and into the fostering arms of Ador who then can look after the doggy until a permanent home becomes available.

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